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Walking Event is not a competitive activity, “this is a recreationl activity made eclusively for tourism – recreational purposes”, everyone can walk at their own pace, the one that feels most comfortable. Some routes might be long and sometimes uphill trails for an untrained participant. Therefore make sure you are in good physical shape and if needed check your medical health beforehand.

Round trip Intermediate Walking around Montecatini Terme and Alto

One Way Intermediate Walking from Montecatini Terme to Buggiano

One Way Intermediate Walking from Pescia to Montecarlo

Round trip Intermediate Walking via Countryside, Riverside and Plant Nursey

One Way Expert Walking from Montecatini to Pistoia

One Way Expert Walking from Pescia to Montecatini

One Way Expert Walking from Pescia to Altopascio

Round trip Expert Walking via Countryside, Riverside and Plant Nursey

  • Sign up to the event in accordance with the rules and conditions exhibited by the organizers of the Walking Event.
  • Sign up using your own personal information; the registration cannot be transferred to a third party. If a participant wished to cancel his or her participation, the registration fee will not be refunded except when the withdrawal is due to force majeure.
  • To participate in the Walking Event each participant must pay all registration fees.
  • This fee is different when it is combined with hotel reservation during the entire length of the event than when it is booked as a fee only.
  • The walk is not a competition, but a personal challenge. Participation is voluntary and is carried out under your own responsibility.
  • Some routes might be long and sometimes uphill trails for an untrained participant. Therefore make sure you are in good physical shape and if needed check your medical health beforehand.
  • The use of any kind of transportation is forbidden while completing the treks. By “walking” we mean the type of movement in which your feet are in contact with the ground and your bodyweight is transferred from the left foot to the right one.
  • You can only overtake other participants and/or people in a way that doesn’t disturb the others.
  • The participants’ clothes during the event must always be in accordance with the general norms of education, and the torso must always be covered.
  • The participant will have to follow the signs marked for each trek and begin each walk at the time foreseen and announced by the organization. If not, the organization will not be responsible. If the participant does not leave at the foreseen time, he may NOT find the necessary indications for each route.
  • Making publicity without permission of the Walking Event Committee is strictly forbidden.
  • Bringing animals (with the exception of guide dogs for blind people), strollers or other objects that may hinder the trek or endanger the other participants is strictly forbidden, as is bringing radios or other devices that emit sounds.
  • If the event should be cancelled because of force majeure, the participants will have the right to ask for a refund of the registration fee, but they won’t have the right to any sort of compensation. The money that corresponds to the reservation of accommodation, flights or other expenses will not be refunded automatically it depends on the rules of the suppliers.
  • The participants are the only people responsible for the belongings they carry with them throughout the duration of the Walking Event.
  • The participants will have to follow the safety instructions provided by the organization, the police and/or other collaborators.
  • The participants will have to know and adhere to the current rules and laws of traffic, as well as the safety instructions provided by the organization and/or the policy, being the participants responsible for the non-compliance of these rules and safety instructions.
  • In order to comply with the Belgian national law 15/1999, regulating the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, we inform that the personal data you provided will form part of the Suppliers and Clients file that is duly registered before the Belgian Data Protection Agency, and the person responsible is the organizer of the Walking Event. You will be able to exercise your rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by requesting it in written form or by e-mail and duly confirming your identification to the Walking Event organization.
  • The participant must carry a valid ID or passport for his identification.
  • By registering or signing up as a participant to the Walking Event, the participant grants the right to his data or image to the organizers of the event, so that these may be used for any act of information or promotion of the Walking Event and, if they are, he will not be able to ask for retribution.
  • By signing up to the Walking Event the participant declares that he knows and agrees with the rules of participation.

by sending this request for inscription to Walking Event, I also declare to accept the following terms and conditions

I’m not a member of any Promotional Sports Organization related to CONI (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano) – Italian National Olympic Committee

I know that Walking Event is not a competitive acrtivity but a recreational activity made exclusively for tourism – recreational purposes

Please consider your medical check up and make sure you are in good physical shape

I Relieve the organizer from any responsability in case of medical problems that may occur during the journey (falls, illness, etc.)


Please fill all requested fields and do not forget to indicate all details

REMEBER! It’s very important to register EACH PARTICIPANT to the walking event. For more than 4 inscriptions please send us a namelist by email.

Opgelet ! Het is belangrijk dat elke deelnemer op naam geregistreerd wordt voor het Walking Event. Bij meer dan 4 ingeschreven personen gelieven ons per mail een namenlijst door te sturen.

Walking fee in combination with hotelbooking, is valid only with affiliated hotel included inside this website