Vinci in Montalbano

Vinci is an old mediaeval village, Leonardo’s birthplace which is located in the Valdarno Inferiore Area, on the north-west slopes of Montalbano. The historical center, with the castle and the parish church is located at an altitude of 97mt above sea level, whereas there the residential area is located on the slope: there are numerous [...]

Pescia & “Svizzera Pesciatina”

A few steps away from the small hamlet of Collode, where even now Pinocchio charms kids and adults with his lies, there is a mountain area which is better referred to as Svizzera Pesciatina (the adjective pesciatina comes from the name of the nearest town). It consists of an area that may be defined as [...]

Montecatini Alto

A few steps away from Montecatini Terme, located at an altitude of 290 mt above sea level, there is the historical center of the town, Montecatini Alto. It is a unique and enchanting small mediaeval hamlet with narrow alleys and picturesque corners to discover. On the one side there is the stronghold of the old [...]


Every season is the right season to discover Collodi. It is a place full of historical memories and beauties to admire. But above all it is connected with Carlo Lorenzini’s life, the so called Collodi, the author of the Adventures of Pinocchio. The writer and his mother were both born in Collodi. As a child [...]


The district of Marliana extrends in a quite large territory whose natural borders are the valleys of the river Vincio and Nievole and the Apennines on the north. The abundance of this area comes from the vineyards, olive groves, as well as chestnut trees and mushrooms, all of which local cooks have converted into delicious [...]


Montecarlo di Lucca is an enchanting jewel positioned between Lucca and Valdinievole. It is located in a hill that overlooks the surrounding area showing a unique landscape. There are vineyards and olive groves for excellent guarantee of origin wine and extra virgin olive oil. At the beginning   it was just Montecarlo white wine, but now [...]

The Marsh Land of Fucecchio

The Marsh Land of Fucecchio is the widest marsh land in Italy. With its 1800 hectares, the land covers an area that goes from Pistoia to Florence.  Various water streams pours into the canal called Usciana, Nievole,  Pescia Nuova, Pescia di Pescia, Pescia di Collodi , Borra, Salsero and Vinci. The canal itself, after about [...]