A few steps away from Montecatini Terme, located at an altitude of 290 mt above sea level, there is the historical center of the town, Montecatini Alto. It is a unique and enchanting small mediaeval hamlet with narrow alleys and picturesque corners to discover. On the one side there is the stronghold of the old castle, the church of Saint Peter (which used to be the church of the castle of Montecatini) and the bell tower. On the other side there is the watch tower and the church of Carmine that dates back to Baroque era.


A nice way to reach the top is to get a ticket for the funicular and try this little old train, which was established in 1898 to connect the top of the hill with the thermal area.

Also along the road heading towards Montecatini Alto you can find the so called Grotta Maona (Maona Cave). Inside the cave there is a downright itinerary of about 20 minutes that may be done with the help a tourist guide for those who like stalactites and stalagmites.