The district of Marliana extrends in a quite large territory whose natural borders are the valleys of the river Vincio and Nievole and the Apennines on the north. The abundance of this area comes from the vineyards, olive groves, as well as chestnut trees and mushrooms, all of which local cooks have converted into delicious recipes offered to tourists and gourmets during the numerous food festivals and at restaurants.

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This territory has been populated since prehistory, first by Ligurians then, probably starting from 3rd century B.C. by Roman settlers. A recent archaeological site has shown that there had to be an important settlement near Casore del Monte. In the tomb that was fortuitously discovered in 1930, there were at least four coins, one of which was a bronze uncial axe that dated back to 214 B.C.

This area have always been passed through by roads heading towards the Apennines and cobblestones are still visible nowadays. For this reason some people still support the appealing idea that Hannibal descended to Rome passing through these paths in the spring of 217 B.C.