Vinci is an old mediaeval village, Leonardo’s birthplace which is located in the Valdarno Inferiore Area, on the north-west slopes of Montalbano.

The historical center, with the castle and the parish church is located at an altitude of 97mt above sea level, whereas there the residential area is located on the slope: there are numerous small hamlets nearby. The protected area of Montalbano extends for 16,000 hectares in the north until the town of Montecatini Terme and Florence.

The area is just perfect for walks and excursions of various kinds, bike paths, walking paths, archaeological sites and old woods like the holm hoak wood.

Not to be missed . Reach the top of Montalbano and enjoy the view from both sides, on the one side the valley of the Arno river, on the other side Pistoia, Prato until Florence and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

The main landscape is the hill with the vineyards, the olive groves and the chestnut tree woods, a typical example of induced vegetation.

In addition to all this the Leonardo Museum mustn’s be missed, built within the mediaeval town walls in the Guidi Castle (11th and 12th century) which overlooks Vinci. The museum is one of the largest collection of machines and models by Leonardo as inventor, engineer and technologist.

At about a distance of two kms, among olive trees you can see Leonardo’s birthplace. Leonardo’s old house is nothing else but a poor house of farmers which even now reminds us of that unchanged quiet and sleepy atmosphere.