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Montecatini Terme: the town with Tuscany around.

Every day you can make a new trip, every evening is like going back home. Local great accommodation capacity offers all types of tourism infrastructures, from luxurious resorts to small hotels, from apartments to three star hotels, from agritourism to bed and breakfast hotels.

Either for a vacation or for a business journey, in the over 15000 beds available in town, all guests will be hosted with professional hospitality, which together with local unforgettable atmosphere will make every stay extremely pleasant.

Montecatini guests are like dear friends. They are cuddled with special attentions and supported in anything they may need.
Anyone who decides to spend some time in our town will have the chance to confirm personally the beauty of local atmosphere, its colors and unique flavors.

Come to Montecatini Terme and you will discover your true self.


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Old Churches, Mediaeval Hamlets and History: Valdinievole, a unique land

If you look up towards the hills that surround Montecatini Terme, you will discover history.

Discover the Valdinievole area and “taste” a different Tuscany…

Among the olive trees old strongholds and charming mediaeval hamlets appear. These are the so called “ten castella”, in other words  ten castles that are located near Pescia, the capital city of flowers.

They can still be visited by people who like narrow upward streets, walls made of local building stone, and old paths through chestnut woods.

If you move ahead you can find the city of Pistoia, a city of art where the marvelous works by the Della Robbia Brothers meet with the modernity of Marino Marini and the architect Giovanni Michelucci.

Along this path we may find numerous charming old hamlets, such as  Uzzano, Stignano, Buggiano Castello, Massa, Cozzile, Monsummano Alto, Montevettolini,  Larciano Castello, and finally Serravalle.

The old village of Montecatini Alto deserves a special mention. This is the real historical center of Montecatini Terme, from where it is possible to admire “the best landscape in the whole world”, as Giuseppe Verdi used to say.

In its stronghold and cute little square,  tourists may rediscover an old atmosphere and a remote part of Tuscany which is still perfectly preserved in all its authenticity.

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